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Alive Elvis is just too creepy.

I'll admit I'm not an Elvis fan, never have been. But I'm OK with people who consider him to be a rock & roll great. He certainly represents an era well. And Graceland? Just another museum, as far as I'm concerned. But when I saw the cover of the SkyMall catalog featuring "Alive Elvis Animatronic Robot (See page 5) Shades not included" I thought it's gone too far.

Maybe I'm over-reacting. Couldn't Alive Elvis just be an updated version of "Big Mouth Billy Bass" from a few years ago?

I suppose so, as long as you don't buy it because of the catalog copy (just so you know I'm not making this up, here's a scan of the actual product description):

Catalog copy describing Elvis

Touch his soft hair?
Stroke his skin?
Look into his clear baby blues?

Sounds like some sort of Elvis-porn site. All of a sudden Big Mouth Billy Bass is looking pretty darn wholesome and harmless.

Elvis Alive thumbnailAnyway, if you like your Elvis chopped off at the shoulders and in a drunken stupor, this is for you. Click the thumbnail at right to see him in action. (Shades not included).

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