The View From 32


AUGUST 13, 2007  

View of Lake Erie from Edgewater


It's been more than two weeks since I saw this view of Lake Erie from Edgewater beach. Even though it's only mid-August, the lake is taking on the gray-green color of fall already.

After a more than two week layoff, my regular 4.6 mile run/walk was a bit slower than usual. I decided to blow off the curls and crunches that I usually do afterwards—I want to ease back in gradually. But the air was cool, the sun was shining, and the grass deep green after all the rain we've had. Felt good to be back.


I spent most of the morning putting photos and commentary from our travels onto earlier pages of this site. I try not to do too much to the photos to keep them more or less spontaneous, but even minimal cropping, contrast/brightness adjustments and sharpening take a few minutes per photo. It adds up quickly, so I only got four days done, a lot less than I'd hoped for.

Take a look at Aug. 1, Aug. 2, Aug. 3 (all St. Petersburg), and Aug. 4 (Helsinki). You can also see the unmodified photos in a couple of batches at my site.

Here's an explanation of how works. I'd appreciate your input on either/both of these approaches to put pictures on the web—use the "Comments" link on the previous page or the one below. Thanks!

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