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APRIL 20, 2008   

Sunday morning

Our room showing fireplace and view to deck outsideWe stayed overnight near Millersburg, Ohio at a place called the Inn at Honey Run. It's perched on a hillside with a view across the valley to more rolling hills. We had a huge suite with great views windows everywhere, and a wood-burning fireplace.

Last night we spent most of our time sitting around the fire talking with our friends, whose room down the hall was much smaller. At suppertime we got out the bread and cheese I'd bought at the West Side Market, added fruit and more cheese that John and Jean had brought from Dayton, and had a feast.

Fishing lure with price tag of $300This morning we started with a leisurely and delicious breakfast in the restaurant, went back and sat around the fire for a while longer, then drove into Millersburg to see what we could find open. The Amish strictly observe Sundays, so many businesses were closed.

We did find several antique stores open as we walked down the main street, including one with a whole display case full of fishing lures. Quite a few were priced at $25 or more, including the big one here at $300. Unfortunately the teenager minding the store knew nothing about the lures or why one would be worth so much more than all the rest.

Our last stop was the Hotel Millersburg for lunch, although after eating a big piece of bacon, tomato, zucchini and cheese strata at breakfast I didn't have much of an appetite. I had a baked sweet potato and a beer, not a bad combination at all.

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APRIL 2008