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JUNE 15, 2007   More below: VIDOPEDIA

Progress report

After days of frustration, I'm finally operating about 90% of the time on my new computer. Today's successes included getting my old iPhoto library of about 3000 images transferred, along with my email Address Book.

And my LaserJet printer is online, thank you very much. It wasn't working because I had connected the wrong cable. Not that hard when you look at the mess that's on my desk.

I don't feel quite so paranoid now that things are starting to get sorted out. And not a moment too soon. Tomorrow I head back to the Apple Store to see if they can figure out why I can't eject a CD. The icon disappears from the desktop but the disk itself stays put. The only way to get it out is to restart with the mouse button down.


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Is this anything?

To borrow David Letterman's concept where he and Paul discuss whether what they've just seen is anything or not, here's a website that may be something. Or not.

Vidopedia, the Encyclopedia of Moving Images is a video archive of verbs, actions. As such, its creators claim that:

After spending a few minutes with VIDOPEDIA the assumptions involved in cataloging and defining become clear. Expectations about race, class, and gender are separated from notions of human progress and advancement. The encyclopedia's center is taken away; it's mooring in a particular culture, time and place is cast off.

With only about 30 entries it's hard to tell where this project is going, but the Vidopedia could be a way to make new connections with ordinary ideas. The site seems very incomplete....too early to tell if it's anything or not. Found the link at

On the other hand, this IS something

LIFE: A Journey Through Time
A beautiful collection of photos by Frans Lanting, presented via a graceful and fluid interactive website. Explore using the timeline. You'll be rewarded with music, photos and when you click on "learn more," perhaps a video and/or audio commentary.

From VeryShortList via DesignObserver.

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