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AUGUST 23, 2007  

What did you learn in school today?

As I whined about yesterday, at the start of every semester we Tri-C faculty members are required to endure...I mean attend...three days of "convocation." Each day consists of one or more "inspirational" speakers and many more less inspirational college employees describing their various projects.

Dr. Stephen BrookfieldToday I found the first speaker, Dr. Stephen Brookfield, pretty interesting. Truth of the matter is, he said pretty much what every one of the speakers in the last few years has said: Be authentic. Take risks. Be prepared for surprises. Listen to students.

Maybe it was his British accent and low-key manner that won me over, but I paid attention all the way through his talk, which is more than I can say for some of my colleagues.

In thinking about what he said, a couple of things stick with me:

So I have to admit I learned a fair amount from the guy; I thought I might remember only one or two points.

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