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JANUARY 24, 2008     More below: GLOBAL WARMING

Cool car

Yellow car with black widow graphicEven party covered with snow and seen through my dirty side window, this graphic on a Chevy Cobalt is pretty darn cool. You don't see many really unusual graphic treatments driving around Parma, Ohio, so this one stands out.

It avoids the usual flames/stripe/swoosh look in favor of an unusual and appropriately menacing look. I couldn't see through the tinted windows, but would bet that it's a young man driving.

The design makes good use of the limited space available and employs a Gestalt principle called isomorphic correspondence . The image evokes a gut reaction (spiders = scary) and that's amplified by lots of sharp pointy parts. The color black is threatening as well.

So, what's the message? I'm getting "this may be a basic Chevy Cobalt underneath, but the guy driving it is much cooler than that. Watch out. "

For a variation on a similar theme, check out Tri-C's Chevy Cobalt designed and built by students and faculty.

And here's another Visual Communication lesson from the streets of Parma in the form of this truck.

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Global warming: what are they waiting for?

Caricatures several talk show hosts
I got an email this morning shocked me. In 2007 the guys you see here (and others) asked the presidential candidates thousands of questions.

Three of them were about UFOs.

And four were about global warming.

That's right. Four questions out of 2938. The future president of the United States is not being asked about global warming. One of the most serious and significant issues of our time isn't being discussed.

If this seems as absurd and irresponsible to you as it does to me, visit What Are They Waiting For and see the facts for yourself. Then please sign the petition demanding that talk show hosts begin to ask presidential candidates where they stand on the issue of global warming.

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