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JUNE 9, 2008   More below:  DAD

Lorain Avenue, Monday afternoon

Peace sign and others marking urban garden on Lorain AvenueI had to mail a package to a former student, so laced on my old boots from Target for the walk up Lorain Avenue to the post office at West 65th. My plan included a visit to Wlady's Shoe Repair to see if the worn-out heels on the boots could be salvaged, and a slaw dog from Steve's Lunch on the way back.

The first of many things to catch my eye was this somewhat ambiguous sign marking a community garden that's been created out of an old Convenient Food Mart parking lot.

Steve's Lunch signKlein Radiator sign with lights and arrowKlein Radiator, near West 50th and a stone's throw from Steve's Lunch, has a pretty flamboyant sign for a radiator repair shop. Maybe it was something else in a previous life.

Slaw dogThis is why you go to a place like Steve's, for a slaw dog (hot dog, chili, coleslaw). Pretty good, but not up to the standard set by Old Fashion Hot Dog (formerly the Hot Dog Inn). Nobody else has chili with that perfect spiciness that goes so well with the sweet coleslaw.

Steve's was a little bland and a bit dry, but still better than the imposter served in Parma (see Slaw Dog Smackdown for details). At $1.95, Steve's was the cheapest of the bunch.

Trailer that houses Wlady's Shoe RepairYou might think this trailer next to the post office is the office for The Auto Place "We Can Help", but look closely for the faded letters at the top to the left of the red sign: Wlady's Shoe Repair.

At first I thought that Wlady's had been replaced by the used car lot. There didn't seem to be much going on. As I got closer I saw the slightly more visible signs on the other wall, including the one in the window that says:

Wlady's Shoe Repair sign with hours listedOpen Only
Tues 9:4
Fri 9:4
Sat 9:4

Guess I'll be walking up Lorain again tomorrow.

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Dad as a tough guy

My dad as a young man with a tough guy lookMy father was always cheerful and easy to get along with, a salt of the earth family man.

Today when I was taking the Bahamas negatives out of the scanner I remembered an old negative that my mom had given me, asking for a print sometime. So I scanned and printed this picture of a very young Andy Wasco showing an attitude I never saw in my father.

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