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SEPTEMBER 25, 2007

How big is your footprint on the Earth?

Ecoquiz logoTake a few minutes to take the Ecological Footprint Quiz. It will give you a new perspective on this "save the earth" thing we talk about.

It's easy to blame the big polluters and the "other guys" for causing the problem, while we know that we're better than that. We recycle, buy organic groceries and drive smaller cars...right?

That's what I thought, but my quiz score shows that I need to do some serious improving. For the Earth to sustain its current population you should score 4.5 or less.

I scored 5.4.

The screenshot shows my results. I know a couple of the problem areas: I fly a fair amount, and air travel uses a lot of energy as well as contributing to global warming. I also live in a big old house with just my wife, meaning we use a lot of space and energy for the two of us.

Ecological footprint screenshot showing my scoreThere may be two versions of this quiz out there: the first time I took it you were prompted to create a self-portrait, so I made one the way I might like to look—note the mohawk—not the way I actually do. This part was fun.

[see update on 9/27/07]

Actually answering the questions was fun too, it just the results that were sobering.

Take the quiz, see if you can do better than my score of 5.4. Good luck.

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