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OCTOBER 18, 2007  More below: BASEBALL

Uh oh. Looks like autumn

View of several trees turning red and orange in Tri-C parking lotUntil recently—as in a couple of days ago—it didn't really look like autumn even though it's mid-October. When we were in New Hampshire a few days ago we could almost watch the leaves turning colors...mostly green on Friday, about half and half on Tuesday.

I haven't been to Edgewater Park in over a week, so I don't know the situation there, but in the Tri-C parking lot in Parma it's definitely Fall.

Oh well. Summer has to end sometime. The breeze still hasn't gotten that sharp edge of cold, but that's coming soon.

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Too much information?

Screenshot of MLB.com GamedayTrying to get some work done for my online class while the Indians were playing ball tonight, I knew I couldn't listen on the radio—too distracting. So I went online to MLB.com and found what they call Gameday: a realtime pitch-by-pitch, play-by-play simulation of the game.

You "see" each pitch as it comes in, its path indicated and the result shown by colored circles: red for strike, green for ball, blue for hit.

Screenshot - detail of pitch statisticsAt the same time you get more information on each pitch than any normal person needs: release speed, result speed, pFX (?), amount of break for curve ball in inches and degrees.

Above this, a row of boxes under the players' pictures shows every pitch in the player's previous at-bats, with locations and results.

On the left there's still more information: a diagram of the field shows players and where each ball goes when it's hit. along with a text-based play-by-play.

OK, OK, I give up! That's way more information than I need. You know exactly what's going on, to the tenth of a degree, but you get none of the feel of a baseball game. I got my work done, though.

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