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SEPTEMBER 8, 2007  

Laugh out loud (or cry)

Detail of screenshot showing search boxIf you haven't seen the infamous YouTube video of Miss Teen USA South Carolina trying to answer a question about why Americans can't find the U.S. on a map, stop what you're doing and click the link above. You owe it to yourself and your country.

The video is either hilarious, pathetic or both. The word "clueless" doesn't even begin to describe the answer this attractive young woman ("Our Spokesperson" at right) strings together, using almost random words and phrases.

So as to not let such a significant demonstration of America's educational leadership go unnoticed, someone put together a website called Mapsfor to solicit donations of maps. The site's inspirational call to action:

How Can You Help?

The children of the US America are in deep trouble. Because some people out there don't have maps. Such as South Africa.

Therefore, you must email us maps to make it better.

The maps sent in range from political to silly to gross. One of my favorites is titled "Tactical plans for nourishing Yukio," found under "City maps." In the same section is a map of "Halcyon Masonic Lodge No. 498 in Cleveland, Ohio," just two blocks from my house. Who knew? I guess I'm just another one of those US Americans who needs to learn about Masonic, and such.

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