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SEPTEMBER 9, 2007  

Grocery list

I had to run to Dave's Supermarket to get quick & easy food for tonight when my sister, brother-in-law, and Danny & the kids were coming over. I felt kinda bad throwing prepared fruit salad and a vegetable tray into my shopping cart. Seems easy enough to do, cut up fruit and vegetables and arrange them on a plate, but I'd been feeling under the weather all day and this was the best I could come up with. I did buy two packages of frozen turnovers that you bake yourself—that's about as homemade as it got.

Fortunately, no one was very hungry, having come from earlier visits with people who'd fed them better than I. In fact, I probably ate more than everyone else (the turnovers were pretty tasty).

Speaking of groceries, if you haven't seen, take a peak. Here's the description:

This is the world's largest online collection of found grocery lists. In fact, we wrote the book on found grocery lists. Why? Other peoples' grocery lists are fascinating. Plus, the internet is a great place to do stupid interesting things. So far 1,600 funny, crazy, weird, sad and/or mundane discarded scraps of paper have been posted.

Yet another example of what make the Internet either endlessly fascinating, or a colossal waste of time. You pick.

As for me, I love this kind of stuff. It's so candid, so get more of a sense of a person from a handwritten list than you might from a photo where the person is obviously putting on a "public" face.

Otherwise, Sunday was a slow day. It rained constantly until late afternoon. I felt sick since morning, and spent several hours sleeping on the couch. My planned afternoon run at Edgewater never happened. The family visit was good, but since I felt so crappy I was happy when everyone left.

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