The View From 32


APRIL 20, 2007   

Notes on trip to Nashville

Nashville trip planning

At the end of May I'm going to  Intent/Content, the AIGA Design Education conference in Nashville. I thought about driving, but a quick check online gave me the 8 hour, 22 minute time estimate you see at left. That would be a long day's drive. I planned to arrive the night before the conference started, giving me time to rest up. But...

Turns out that the conference hotel room rate of $142 isn't available the night of the 30th, so it would cost $250 to stay that night. When I found a Continental flight direct from Cleveland to Nashville that takes about an hour and a half and costs $148, the idea of driving didn't seem smart at all. I'll fly in on the 31st instead.

I'll be doing a presentation at the conference called "What's Baby, what's bathwater? Deciding what to keep and what to throw out in an online course." I'll sum up what I've learned creating and teaching this semester's hybrid Web Publishing I class. Yesterday's experience will be part of the talk, as will the comments from students who don't have internet access at home (never expected to hear that!). It's been—and continues to be—a work in progress.


Good day / bad day

It was sunny and warm today, nice enough that I laid down in the grass & dozed off in the backyard, doing my best imitation of a lizard. Would have been great except for news of family health issues that cast a dark shadow over the day. Some realities trump others.