The View From 32


MAY 14, 2007   

Bird's life

Geese and goslingsToday was kind of bird-centric in terms of things that caught my eye. On Tri-C's Western campus with its several ponds, we're blessed(?) with a flock of Canadian geese that have taken up year-round residence.

Most of the time they're annoying. They stroll across the road at a leisurely pace, stopping the more timid drivers who don't realize that geese are smart enough to scatter if they have to. And then there's the abundant goose poop that they leave on the campus walkways, too.

But in the spring the fuzzy brown goslings are awfully cute.

Birds' nests inside of sign on storefrontAnother type of bird shows its adaptability by buiding nests in this sign on the front of a strip mall in North Royalton. I was on my way to pick up Chinese takeout for dinner at my son's house when I spotted these avian campsites.

There are plenty of trees not that far away—this isn't an urban area—so I'm not sure why this spot would seem attractive.