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NOVEMBER 17, 2007  


Sit to pee

German cartoon, please sit to pee

A couple of days ago I talked about a sign in the bathroom of a Finnish bus that suggested that men sit down to pee (I figured this out as I stood there peeing). My friend Ulricke it's pretty common in Germany, enough so that there are spoofs of the sign or the thought behind it. Here's one that says "Please sit to pee.

The guys in my Intro to Visual Communication class just shook their heads in amazement at the suggestion.


Still another online questionnaire to help you find out which Presidential candidate is the closest fit to your beliefs and priorities. This one, from the online VAJoe site, has 25 questions that you answer "Yes" "No" or "Unsure." The questions cover a wide range of hot button issues from Abortion Rights to Waterboarding Detainees. Then you rate the importance of each issue "High" "Medium" or "Low."

Candiate checklist results: Dennis Kucinich A especially helpful feature is that each question is a link to a "Summary"-"Yes"-"No" discussion with links to a couple of online sources for each of the Yes and No arguments.

A few days ago I talked about the Match-O-Matic from ABC News and the the VoteMatch Quiz from VoteCount. The VAJoe Candidate Calculator is much more informative than the former and less complicated than the latter. If I had to pick, this would be my favorite.

And the results I got? No surprise there.


I'm happy to see that the fun, educational and clever FreeRice online game mentioned here on Nov. 5th is now averaging about 200 million grains of rice donated per day. If you haven't played yet, give it a try. It's a painless way to improve your vocabulary and help the world's poor at the same time.

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