The View From 32


AUGUST 29, 2007  

Start of a new semester

Today was my first day of classes at Cuyahoga Community College. It was the first time I got to meet the Media Design students, who actually got together on Monday while I was in Chicago. They had a small group project that day, researching and discussing aspects of the class (‘What is media?’ ‘What is design?’). Reading over the notes from the groups I'm encouraged that they took it seriously and came up with good answers.

Monopoly "Community Chest" card good for 10% point increase on homework assignmentSince I'd promised the group that had the best answers a prize, as class time approached I was scrambling to come up with something.

Google Image search to the rescue. It took some looking around and modifying of my search terms, but eventually I hit upon exactly what I'd been hoping for: a site that lets you create customized versions of Monopoly Community Chest cards. I typed in my text, combined multiple copies in Photoshop, printed them out and cut them to size, and I was ready for class.

The winning students can cash their cards in for an extra 10% added onto the score of any homework assignment. Easy for me to do, and enthusiastically received by the students.

By the way, the site I used,, has links to lots of variations on this theme. Cheesy, sure, but fun. Saved me probably a half-hour or more compared to making the card from scratch.


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