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JULY 4, 2008   

Not-so-quiet night

It's 11:45 p.m. on July 4th, in Cleveland. Unlike last night, it's pretty noisy from fireworks being set off throughout the neighborhood. Not as bad as previous years, but enough to be mildly annoying. I was overly optimistic yesterday when I thought that perhaps threats of stronger enforcement of fireworks laws would eliminate the usual din.

Earliler, just for the heck of it I walked down the street to see the city-sponsored fireworks show. My friend Jared told me the crowd would be pretty laid back, and he was right. Lots of families, both neighborhood folks and others who'd obviously driven from elsewhere.

So, if you like this kind of thing, here's a look at Cleveland's Fourth of July fireworks. Not quite the view from 32, more like the view from 38, since I'd walked down the W. 38th street.


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Odds & ends

A GOOD video about your town?

The folks at GOOD magazine are asking for video tours of your neighborhood/town. Sounds like an interesting project and they're offered a couple of JetBlue round trip tickets as a prize for the best video. I'd like to enter something myself, but getting it done before the August 11th deadline might be a problem.

Firefox 3

After reading several positive reviews of the latest version of the Firefox browser, Firefox 3, I downloaded it on the promise of faster loading and other improvements. I'd also seen a few complaints about buggy behavior on a Mac, but they didn't seem too serious.

Now I've used FF3 for a couple of days and don't see any real difference in overall performance. It does have the annoying habit of redrawing the Google Notebook panel multiple times when you scroll the page. Even more problematic is that it didn't load the CSS stylesheet for several sites, ones that worked properly in both FF2 and Safari. Both of these issues are serious enough that I've gone back to FF2. My advice, at least to Mac users: wait for an updated FF3 in hopes that these things will be fixed.

The Declaration

Seeing as how it's Independence Day, you might want to look at the actual Declaration of Independence and learn more about it. You can do that and more at the National Archives website. Heck, you can even add your signature to those of other famous patriots and print out a copy. Happy Fourth of July!

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