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JUNE 27, 2010

Welcome home

Side view of house next doorA big change greeted us as we drove us 32nd street: the house next door looks a lot more finished, less like a construction project.

In the two weeks that we were gone, most of the roof and siding were installed. The side facing us, shown here, will be the last to be completed.

Here's how it looked a few weeks ago.


Freshly-picked greens in a bowlWhile the squash, tomato, eggplant and pepper plants look pretty good, there's nothing to pick yet. The spring mix lettuce and kale gave us a very fresh and tasty salad for supper today. Love it!


Joanne's car with tree limb on streetNotice the big dent in the shattered windshield where a big sycamore branch clobbered Joanne's car during a thunderstorm.

Pretty significant damage (there are dents in the hood too) that might have been fatal if it had been a person rather than a car.

Not looking forward to the hassle of insurance adjustors and car repair shops, but this could have had a much worse ending.

Night sounds

Two weeks of being lulled to sleep by the sound of wind and waves is nothing but history. We're back in the city.

At 4:35 a.m. one of the young folks next door was rapping on their door, apparently having forgotten to take a key. A couple hours later one of the folks at the nearby assisted living facility had a loud curse-laden eruption over someone or thing who'd done him wrong. Welcome home.


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