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MARCH 21, 2010   

Sunday Summary (Mar. 15-20)

Monday, Mar. 15

Stone milepost marked 6

Sunday Brunch at the Park View, not a bad idea.

Tuesday, Mar. 16

Detail of map of Towpath Trail

Why today horse crap makes me happier than I ever thought it would.

Wednesday, Mar. 17

Colorful veggies in wok

Free for the taking can mean different things. Here's a look at one of them.

Thursday, Mar. 18

Semi-trailer, seen from the rear

A Slaw Dog is one of my favorite comfort foods, and I try them every chance I get. A new hot dog shop on Pearl Road seemed promising.

Friday, Mar. 19

House with large dumpster in driveway

Sunshine and warm temperatures made it a great day to work in the garden. This is the earliest I've ever planted anything in my garden.

Saturday, Mar. 20

Water tower on top of building

The first butterfly of the season is always a good thing, and with more sunshine today it was definitely a good way to start Spring.

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