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APRIL 7, 2010   

Ultimate Twinkie

Cross-section of chocolate-covered TwinkieThere was a time when Hostess-brand creme-filled sugar bombs of various shapes were my favorite treat. I started with the classic Hostess Cupcakes, then moved on to Snoballs and finally Twinkies.

So recently when I saw a Malley's ad for chocolate-covered Twinkies I decided it was time to recapture the magic of my youth.

I bought a four-pack, gave three to the kids for Easter presents, and saved the last for a special occasion—like lunch today.

After eating my healthy sandwich I sliced my dessert in half to better appreciate the goodness. I took a bite and...

Disappointment. The chocolate overpowered its inner Twinkie. I couldn't taste much else. The cake and "creme" were bland, not the way I remembered them. Whether this is because my memory has amplified the flavor, or Twinkies have lost their tastiness over the years, I can't say. I can tell you that it'll be a lot more years before I buy another Twinkie.

Twinkie sushiExcept, maybe, to make Twinkie Sushi.


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