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APRIL 17, 2010   


Looking down on my desktop with keyboard, pen, calculatorHere's a quick shot I snapped of my desktop. These are tools I use daily, randomly arranged where I left them. I like the composition.

The shot was a little blurry, but some Photoshop work made it look almost intentional, no?

Now, why did I take this random picture?

I had just disconnected my Casio Exilim camera after downloading yesterday's pics onto the computer. I've recently learned, the hard way, that the way the camera tells you its battery is low is by refusing to take a picture. You get a "Battery Is Low" message.

It would be helpful to get the warning before the battery too weak to snap a picture, but the Casio folks didn't anticipate that need. Hence my test shot before putting the camera into the small case I wear most of my waking hours.

My previous Casio had a docking station that both connected to the computer and charged the camera's battery at the same time. Since I download pics nearly every night, the battery was always charged.

My current camera, bought last summer, is diabolically the opposite. When you connect the USB cable to download images it seems to drain the battery if you don't disconnect it immediately. To charge the battery you have to take it out of the camera and put it into its charger.


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