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MARCH 20, 2010   

Signs of Spring

Butterfly on groundMy Facebook friends have announced that today is the first day of Spring, and who am I to doubt them? It was sunny again, but cooler.

Joining me in the sunshine was the first butterfly in my yard, a variety called Mourning Cloak, if I remember correctly from my younger butterfly collecting days.

Back then I'd have tried to catch it in a makeshift net. If successful I'd have put it into a jar with a wad of cotton soaked in cleaning fluid (remember that?) on the bottom. When it was thoroughly dead—a minute or so later—I'd have pinned it to a piece of cardboard to add to my collection.

Now it all sounds pretty barbaric. I just want to watch butterflies fluttering around my garden. What a waste to have them in cigar boxes (don't remember them, either, do you?).

Trench with mulch on topMore planting

The cooler weather was good for working inthe garden. Picking up where I left off yesterday (and definitely feeling it in sore back & legs) I added concrete blocks and bricks to support the border blocks that might otherwise fall into my newly dug trench.

I added a more manure and several shovelfuls of compost to the trench, mixed it well, then raked it smooth.

Pea packageInto it went seed peas, two inches apart, one row on each side of the trench. I smoothed the dirt on top and added a layer of straw and leaves as mulch. I'm using a new package of seeds, organic this time, but the same variety as last year's disappointing (non) crop. I'm planting five weeks earlier, in a different spot. Hope the results are better.

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