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MAY 7, 2010   


Semi loaded with insulationTwo days ago a semi-trailer stacked six feet high with sheets of insulation parked in front of the house next door.

Today the house—stripped to its sheathing over the past several weeks—started to get its outside layer of rigid foam insulation, part of a Deep Energy Retrofit.

Watching the process unfold Is really interesting. and takes me back to an earlier life.

South side of 1723 W. 32In the late 90s I was a co-founder of the Housing Resource Center, a non-profit organization that helped educate homeowners about, among other things, how to save energy. If the HRC were still around I have no doubt that we'd be involved with this rehab project in some way.

Detail of window trimAdding a layer of insulated to the exterior walls is the easy part. It's going to take a lot of work to frame all the window and door openings to recreate the original trim.

Since our neighborhood is a historic district, thankfully you can't do some funky "modern" version of the trim.

On one of the front windows the contractor built a mock-up of how the new trim will be handled.

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