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JANUARY 12, 2010   


Walk in the park

Snowy hillside with trees and creek in the distanceStarted the day with a substantial breakfast made by my friend Mary, fortunately followed by a two-mile walk in the snowy park.

In the lower right you'll notice a slightly curved retaining wall that leads to a particularly brilliant patch of graffiti that I visited in October.

We were in Ambler Park, a wooded strip that has the RTA tracks as its north end and is sandwiched between MLK Jr. Drive and Stokes Blvd/Fairhill Rd. on its east and west boundaries. Beautiful in all seasons.

Interactive Media

Whiteboard  with lots of terms related to interactive mediaAngela and I started this semester's Interactive Media class with a few ice-breaking exercises that got people talking and moving a bit.

When we asked for their ideas on what interactive media was, they gave us a long list that you see written on the whiteboard.

We approach it from the perspective that it's all storytelling of one kind or another.

Plans for the semester include projects that involve telling stories with sound, images, maps, timelines, and who knows what else.

Single banana on top of trash containerWhen we took a break in the middle of the class I noticed a banana on a trash can in the hallway. There's a story here too.

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