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MARCH 16, 2010   

What a pile of horse crap!

Pile of horse manure on groundYep, that's what it is, and not only am I thrilled to see it in my garden, but I'm hoping to get more. If you'd have told me a few years ago that I'd be lusting after manure, I'd have questioned your sanity.

But times change. People change. In the past two years I've discovered my inner gardener and am already looking forward to another growing season.

I've got seedlings sprouting at a friend's house, and just bought a package of organic peas to plant, maybe this weekend.

Last year the peas were a total bust. Only one sprouted, struggled for a week or two, and died. This weekend I'm going to try one more time with a different variety in a different location. Maybe a bit of added horse manure will do the trick.

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