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JANUARY 21, 2010   

Service station? Not really

Speedway gas station exteriorI don't expect a lot from a "service station" these days. The pimply-faced teen behind the cash register at this Speedway station didn't even meet my low expectations.

I just wanted to fill up my tank. I stuck my credit card in the card reader on the pump, pulled it out, and saw "Remove card" on the screen. Then "Reinsert card." So I did. Several times. With two different cards. Never got past the "Remove card" screen, yet when I squeezed the pump handle gas started to flow.

When it stopped I took my card into the station expecting that the cashier would have to manually record the sale. Nope. He told me the pump had actually accepted the card (without any indication that it had). When I suggested that this meant the pump should be fixed, I might as well have asked him to fly to the moon. I didn't expect him to jump up and fix it himself. I expected him to admit that there was a problem that needed attention. He might have said that he'd mention it to the manager/owner. Apparently that's too much to ask.

Watch out for the inscrutable Pump #10 at the Speedway on Ridge and Brookpark.

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