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APRIL 19, 2010   

Standin' up to The Man

Cars parked in front of barriersIt started with an injustice.

Every Monday and Friday for months I'd arrive at Tri-C a few minutes before noon to find the Faculty Parking area jammed with cars, even the part where they'd put barriers across the connecting driveway between two sections. I usually had to go across campus to another lot.

One day, though, instead of the double row of cars on both sides of the barriers, there was miraculously an empty space. I took it.

Portion of parking ticketAt the end of the day I found the ticket under my windshield wiper. Damn.

Seems to me that when day after day there are cars parked in an empty area of the parking lot, it must be overflow parking. If not, they'd put orange cones in front of the barricades, right? Or put signs up saying "No Parking." Or something.

Paying the ticket wouldn't send me to the poorhouse, but it was the principle of the thing. I went to the online "Ticket Appeal Form" to plead my case. The introduction didn't give me much hope:

Campus Police and Security Services personnel cannot waive regulations. Appeals on the following grounds will not be accepted: lack of knowledge of College regulations, lateness due to class or appointment conflicts; and/or inability to locate a legal parking space.

Barriers in parking lot with "no parking" signs on themStill, I used the "Reason For Appeal" box to explain that if they really didn't want people to park, they could have simply made it clear that it was not a temporary parking area to avoid confusion.

I never received a reply to my appeal, but noticed something different when I drove in on Monday.

It wouldn't surprise me to still get a notice that my appeal has been denied, but for now I'm going to enjoy my little victory.

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