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DECEMBER 20, 2009   

Sunday summary

Something new: every Sunday I'll post a recap of the previous week's postings. You can see if you missed anything interesting during the week, or you can just visit on Sunday to see what's been happening. Let me know what you think of this idea.

Dec. 14: Not your typical cup of tea

Detail of teacup
Possibly the world's cleverest tea cup/tea bag combo. You put the pyramid-shaped tea bag—oops, I mean infuser—in the cup, add boiling water, and top it off with the cup's special lid. You end up with this whimsical sprout. If you need a special gift for that special tea (or design) fanatic, this is it. More...

Dec. 15: Take me, I'm yours

Detail of note

I'm sure the little cooler (or warmer?) that plugs into a car cigarette lighter seemed like a good idea to someone, sometime. Ditto the tabletop fountain. Now they're just lonely reminders of the end of Fall semester, no doubt victims of an office clean-up. More...

Dec. 16: Grading deadline

Detail of schedule

Grading: every semester I swear I'm going to get ahead of the game, make projects due earlier, keep current every week with grading projects and entering the scores into Gradekeeper, and every semester I end up in hot water again, working right up until the deadline. More...

Dec. 17: Haven't we been here before?

Detail of schedule
I feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day after another long day and night of grading projects and updating grades. I've been cheered up by birthday greetings from Facebook friends throughout the day. It's given me something else to think about.


Dec. 18: Finished

Detail of website

Finally done with grading for the semester. Today I want to share a few projects from the Monday/Wednesday Web Publishing I class. Each includes elements that make them "webby"—in other words, they do things that can't be done in print. As is true for most of our students, this was their first shot at web design. More...

Dec. 19: Ducks & teapots

colorful duck

I like buying gifts but I hate Christmas shopping. If I were a better person I'd make thoughtful hand-crafted items filled with love and creativity for everyone on my list. I think about that a lot, but after the Chex mix debacle I'm not as motivated. More...

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