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DECEMBER 8, 2009   

Too many choices... but help is on(line) the way

Paint samples and swatch book on countertopTake my word for it: deciding what color to paint your house can quickly become the first step towards divorce. Joanne and I agree on many things, but exactly what face our house should present to the world is not one of them.

I'm happy (or at least OK) with the current look that you see in the photo below. She wants something brighter, warmer. Not gray.

A Friday morning meeting with the painter narrowed our choices somewhat, but there are still three color schemes in the running. I get to pick one, or suggest modifications. Looking at these small samples doesn't help much in picturing what our big hundred year old Colonial will look like all tarted up. I mean painted.

Upload photo screenSherwin-Williams and the Internet to the rescue, we hope. I've uploaded my photo to the S-W Color Visualizer.

I thought that someone would magically transform my picture into a customizable interactive image.

Surprise, surprise. I'm that someone. Looks like my years of Photoshop training and practice will come in handy.

OK, that's a project for another day. One step at a time.

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