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MARCH 7, 2010   

Sunday Summary (Feb. 28-Mar. 6)

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Monday, Mar. 1

Cleveland.com screenshot

The Plain Dealer ignores TEDxCLE, a new and exciting local event. Searching online at Cleveland.com turns up zero results. How can this be?

Tuesday, Mar. 2

HIV Positive T-shirt

I might be HIV Positive. I'm glad I'm not, but I'll wear a shirt that says something to that effect as a way to stand up for those who actually are.

Wednesday, Mar. 3

Students at Mini-Review

Feedback, and lots of it at our yearly Portfolio Preparation class Mini-Review. The Cleveland design community once again responds generously.

Thursday, Mar. 4

Detail of TEDxCLE website

Meanwhile... updates on TEDxCLE, Understanding Music, and other things we've discussed here recently.

Friday, Mar. 5

Close-up of green seedlings.

New growth: head start on this year's garden. New look: why do they have to mess with my breakfast cereal?

Saturday, Mar. 6

Branches and bird silhouetted against blue sky.

Gorgeous. Blue sky in Cleveland, again.

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