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FEBRUARY 8, 2010   

Late afternoon

Shadows on floor and wallsWinter in Cleveland tends to be gray, so any sun is a welcome sight. Seeing this bright pattern of light and shadow as I walked to my office after class today was even better. It was after five o'clock, and the sun was out! It's a hint that winter is nearing an end.

By the numbers we're halfway through the three-month winter season, but the days have actually been getting longer since December 21st. The pace is picking up, so that now each day is about three minutes longer than the one before. You can check the number on the homepage where I list the time of sunrise and sunset each day. We're closing in on a six p.m. sunset, which means more sunlit hallways after class. If there's sun, that is.

Late-breaking news: Forbes magazine rates Cleveland as having the worst winter weather in the U.S. See why that sun is so welcome?

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