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APRIL 20, 2010   

Putting the fun in functional

Learning can be work at times, but doesn't always have to be. Look at how kids learn incredibly complex video games with no teacher, assignments, grades or tests. And enjoy the learning process. If we could figure out how to apply the principles that make games fun to other learning-type experiences we'd all be better off.

Amy Jo Kim has great ideas on "how game mechanics (can) make an interactive experience more fun, compelling and addictive." Imagine that... getting people not just hooked on phonics, but hooked on learning! The hour-long video is definitely worth your time, but if you want just a quick overview you can click through her slides below.


Putting the Fun in Functional

Amy Jo Kim, www.Shufflebrain.com


If you don't have an hour for the video, try this. But really, the video is way better.


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