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FEBRUARY 23, 2010   

Web Standards

View of audience Today was the second of four Web Work / Web Wisdom events at Tri-C West this semester. The series brings together experts on various aspects of web design, development and marketing to talk with a diverse group of professionals, faculty and students.

Tonight's topic: Web Standards...What's In It For Me?

Slide on screenCraig Minch, owner of Minch Design, talked about why Web Standards have become guiding principles in his work. Things that he appreciates are shown at right.

Patricia Ross, Vice-President of SCK Design offered another perspective, explaining the advantages that Web Standards offer her company and her clients.

An audience of thirty listened thoughtfully, got into a lively Q&A session, and lingered afterwards over coffee and pastries.

More highlights, including Craig's slides, resources suggested by both Craig and Patricia, and more will be available on the nearly-ready-to-launch WebWorkWebWisdom site. Stay tuned.


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