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FEBRUARY 11, 2010   

Homemade pizza (with a little help)

PizzaIt took help from my friends Gus and Marc, but I was able to put together a pretty tasty (both pretty and tasty) pizza in no time tonight.

I used a pre-baked pizza crust from Gus Gallucci's on Euclid. This was a thin crust, but the thick ones are just as good. At two for $3.99 they taste better than mass-produced ones like Boboli that you get at the grocery store.

I hate to say it, but Gallucci's are better than most of the crusts I've made myself, too. Mine always end up kind of soggy on the bottom no matter what I do.

The rounds of fresh mozzarella are from Mediterranean Foods at the West Side Market, as is the red pepper spread I used as a sauce. There's sauteed onions, peppers and garlic, most from the West Side Market. The green leaves sprinkled on the top are from an organic basil plant—a welcome sight in this cold Cleveland winter—that I bought at Marc's in Brook Park.

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