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MAY 8, 2010   

Big Brother?

Truck with Elect Ken Lanci graphicsI know nothing about this guy running for the newly-created position of County Executive except that I don't want to vote for him.

Between the stylized eagle that looks like a fighter plane and the "I know what's best for you" look on Mr. Lanci's face, I'm getting a bad feeling about the guy.

I'm guessing he's a conservative, but that's purely a guess. The campaign graphics are somewhat Obama-esque, but I'm pretty sure the resemblance stops there. Well, actually, it stops at the very white guy staring off the back of this truck that passed me on the drive home from work.

On second thought...

A quick look at his website makes me think maybe I'm wrong about his politics. I guess I'll need to continue this discussion when I know a bit more. Ignorance is bliss, etc.

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