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MARCH 23, 2010   

Morning, noon and night

CIFF banners inside Tower City CenterFilm

My day started early at the Cleveland International Film Festival. This time I wasn't a spectator, but a volunteer, introducing films to high schools students coming to the Film Slam.

Tri-C is a major supporter of this effort to get students involved in watching, thinking about, and maybe making films, so we do a quick sales pitch at the start of each film.

I stayed to watch a few of the short films, but wasn't impressed. Plus I had other things to do.


Poster announcing lecture on StoicismI'm not all that interested in philosophy, but a poster for an upcoming meeting of Tri-C's Philosophy Club caught my eye.

A little humor goes a long way. In this case, it makes me almost want to attend the lecture on "The Value of Being Stoic."



Ben Woods talking about web usabilityBen Woods, Senior Designer at Eaton Corp., makes a point about the current state of web design during a talk about Web Usability.

This was the third in a series of discussions I've been coordinating called Web Work / Web Wisdom.

You can get a taste of this and other events in the series by clicking on the link above. The next meeting, on April 27th, is You Can Do It! Starting a (Web) Business.

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