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MARCH 18, 2010   

Disappointing dog

Hot dog with coleslawWhen a new hot dog joint opened up in the former Taco Bell that I pass every day on my way to and from work, I added it to my mental "To Do" list. The Hot Dog Diner became a contender in my search for the perfect Slaw Dog.

Most days I go home to a delicious, healthy and homemade dinner with my lovely wife Joanne. Wednesdays when I work late—perfect time for a hot dog on the return trip—the HDD is closed. But today, a Thursday, I saw my chance and seized it.

Joanne was going to an orchestra concert with a friend, and there was no way I'd get home early enough to have that delicious, healthy dinner with her. Hot Dog Diner, here I come!

I should have known when I scanned the menu that there was a serious problem. I didn't see "chili dog" listed. There was, however, a "Slaw Dog", so at the counter I ordered one with chili, hold the mustard. The cashier had no problem with my order, so I figured I was good to go.

When handed the dog I saw lots of crunchy cabbage but not much reddish-brown meaty stuff. Stingy with the chilI, I thought. Peeling aside the top of the bun I saw a smear of what I later found out was "chile sauce." I was concerned, but in the interest of science I bit into my Slaw Dog.

Disappointing. Crunchy slaw that would be a good side dish at a fish fry, not the sweet-sour, creamy kind that should be on top of the chili. But then there wasn't actually any chili, just a tomato-ey spicy sauce. The hot dog itself, squishy and not very flavorful. The french fries, on the other hand, were fresh and tasty.

In the Great Slaw Dog Search, the Hot Dog Diner drops out of contention.

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