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FEBRUARY 3, 2010   

Long day

Footprints in snow at night

Someone's shortcut through the snow caught my eye as I walked to the parking lot after class.

The day had started at noon and was ending around 10:30, so it was easy to see the lone PT Cruiser in the Faculty parking lot.

I stuck my key in the hatchback, the only way I can turn off the alarm now that I've lost all three little beeper things (at $100 a pop). Key didn't work, must be the mist that had frozen as the night got colder.

Went to the driver's side door, put in the key. This would unlock it, accompanied by a beeping horn and flashing lights. Didn't work there either.

Getting worried, but the passenger side was my last hope. Standing at the passenger side, no lock at all. Huh? How can that be? I've opened that door on my car before.

Right. Not my car. I'd parked in the other lot. Long day.

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