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DECEMBER 17, 2009   

Haven't we been here before?

Detail of Tri-C website showing deadline to enter gradesI feel like an academic Bill Murray in Groundhog Day after another long day and night of grading projects and updating grades for the semester.

I've been cheered up by a string of birthday greetings from Facebook friends throughout the day. It's given me something else to think about for a few minutes.

I've switched to digital project score sheets, typing comments into the same basic template that originally spelled out the project description. I feel confident the scores are based on a thorough evaluation, not just a general reaction. This sheet should help students understand their grades.

Do they even care beyond the satisfaction of an "A" or the frustration of a "D"? I have no clue. I might just as well throw darts at a target and accomplish the same thing as far as they are concerned.

Still to do tonight: create the last remaining project score sheet for Media Design videos. Tomorrow morning I'll review & score them, total the grades, and post the last batch of grades. Yippee.


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