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MARCH 29, 2010   

Back to normal

Whew! The Cleveland International Film Festival, wonderful as it was, sure blew a hole in my "To Do" list for the week. I'm frantically trying to catch up on things I didn't do while watching movies last Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, not to mention the weekend before.

Garden planner - drag & dropPlan(t) your garden

Since I don't have any time today to do much else, let me share with you a great garden-planning tool a friend posted on Facebook.

The screenshot doesn't do it justice: the coolest thing is that when you drag your "plants" to the garden plot you can click on a month to see how big they will be at that time.

Gives you a good idea of what to expect, and when. The size of the boxes, by the way, indicated how much space the plants need in the garden. Notice that tomatoes and squash need four times the space of basil and pole beans. If you're gardened before this is no surprise, but if it's all new to you this tool will help you figure it out. It's got a few glitches and needs refinement, but still is fun and helpful.

Read more and try it yourself at Eat Close To Home.

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