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DECEMBER 5, 2009   

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Detail from Sitepoint homepageIf you're not one of the 355,851 forum members, 860,442 newsletter subscribers or 1,290,016 registered users of sample products, I guess you haven't heard about SitePoint.

They claim to be—as of December 2009—the 995th most-visited site in the world. Not too shabby. Based in Melbourne, Australia, the company homepage gives you an immediate idea of what they are about: simple, practical, no-frills information.

The list of SitePoint topics runs all the way from Before you code (domain names, legal issues) through Design and Layout, HTML/CSS Coding, Server-side Coding, and wrapping up with Site Marketing and Selling your services. You can reading online articles, buy books or videos, post questions on their numerous forums, or subscribe to a variety of e-newsletters.

While there's no shortage of products for sale, the site offers a great deal of information for free. The extensive online CSS, HTML and JavaScript reference guides will answer nearly any question you may have. Definitely worth a visit.

I just bought a set of their video tutorials on sale (15 videos for $14.95) and watched the first and last of the seven-part CSS set. I need to watch a few more before I can give a fair judgment of the content, but the presentation is very clear and well-organized. I've seen far too many tutorials that look like they were put together on the fly and done in one take. The Sitepoint videos are polished and well-produced.

All in all, Sitepoint is a good place to go for help designing and building websites, especially if you're tired of the over-hyped "25 Powerful Photos...!", "22 Advanced CSS Effects!" "10 Best jQuery Effects!" approach taken by Smashing Magazine and dozens of web design blogs. The almost generic look of Sitepoint is a breath of fresh air. It lets you focus on what's inside, not the wrapping.

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