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MARCH 24, 2010   

Planting the seeds

The Portfolio Prep class debated two ideas as the theme for this year's show. The winner, Breaking New Ground, went into the circular file today as the students decided to focus on the (former) tagline: Fresh Local Talent.

As this schedule on the whiteboard makes all too clear, there's not much time before the May 5th show date, but a whole lot of stuff to do.
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Most years there are 15-20 students in the class so that work can be divided among 4 or more groups. This year there are only seven students, which means everyone has some heavy lifting to do.

Today I threw the challenge out to them: it's their show, and it will succeed or fail to the extent they take it seriously. We watched the video Do what you love (no excuses) to set the tone. This week things got off to a good start. Groups set plans in motion for a website, print material, and Facebook and Twitter campaigns. Let's hope the momentum continues.

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