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MARCH 3, 2010   

High energy feedback

Several students and reviewers talkingThe Portfolio Preparation class Mini-Review at Tri-C Western Campus is always a highlight of the semester.

At six o'clock the students are tense, sweating bullets, wondering if they can do this.

Two hours later they are swapping stories and saying "That wasn't so bad," or more often than not, "That was fun!"

So again, thanks to the generosity of a group of web and graphic design professionals, our students have learned a lot about their work, themselves, and the design industry in Cleveland. This year we'd like to thank:

Angela Berlingeri, Tri-C; John Katila, DigiKnow.com; Maya Lindenmuth*, Rosetta.com; Nadine Miranda, NM Design; Johnny Moulagiannis*, Triad Communications; Don Pavlish, PavlishGroup.com; Tanya Perez*, Blue-Robot.com; Nick Peters*, Triad Communications; Sharon Strebig, American Greetings.

*Tri-C grad

Nadia and John look at websiteNadia Ryzhkova, an Interactive Media student, shows her website design to John Katila of Digiknow.

Jen and Maya look at print workGraphic Design student Jen Palumbo takes notes as Maya Lindenmuth, Rosetta, Inc. looks over her magazine layouts.

Nadia and John look at websiteTakisha Jackson discusses a career in Graphic Design with Nicholas Peters of Triad Communications.

Jen and Maya look at print workSarah Morgenstein, Interactive Media, explains her approach to website design with Sharon Strebig of American Greetings.

Jen and Maya look at print workJan Omacht, another Interactive Media student, talks with Sharon Strebig about her recent website projects.

Nadia and John look at websiteRocki Haire, with a strong background in print production, shows Maya Lindenmuth of Rosetta, Inc., her new work in web design.


Portfolio Class Mini-Review—March 5, 2008
Student Portfolio Mini-Review—March 19, 2007

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