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DECEMBER 7, 2009   

Secrets...in public

This video is yet another part of a multi-media business/community started by a website called PostSecret.

In 2005 Frank Warren created the website to display hand-made postcards on which people each anonymously shared a secret of theirs. The secrets range from silly to heart-breaking, the artwork from scrawls to masterpieces.

The website—in its English, French, German, Russian or Chinese version—is addictive. It's hard to stop looking at small slices of the lives of people both ordinary and extraordinary. Like photos in a stranger's family album, they feel both familiar and alien.

PostSecret is a site I call "webby" not because of technical sophistication (it has none) but because it's a perfect fit for the intimate yet inherently ultra-public space of the Web. It's got a high "quirkiness" factor, always a plus on the web.

The site has spawned five books, three traveling art exhibits, events at colleges and a short film (above). Warren promises more short videos to come. According to Wikipedia an episode of CSI:NY included a murder victim who'd posted a secret on a site like PostSecret. And the ultimate validation: a parody site called PostRejects.

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