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APRIL 26, 2010   

On target?

Students talking about web design ideasLots of energy in the room as a half-dozen high school students from Normandy High looked at design ideas from my Web Publishing I students.

This semester's final project is to create a website about art or an artist. To make it more challenging I specified that our target audience would be high school juniors and seniors.

My students spent a week or two researching the target audience and last week we talked about how they might design their sites to appeal to this group. Today was the acid test.

Student pointing at sketchThere's nothing like user testing to find out what works and what doesn't. Our user group was a lively and candid bunch who gave my students feedback on their ideas, most presented in sketch form.

When a computer is nearby, most students want to use it rather than working in pencil on paper. I try to explain that sketching is a way to develop many ideas quickly, while doing something similar on the computer takes more time.

At least one student pointed out the value of this approach when the high school students told her they liked one of her ideas way more than the other. They rejected her favorite, the one she'd have spent the most time developing on the computer.

My thanks to Kim Weber, Visual Communication teacher at Normandy High School, and her enthusiastic students for sharing their insights with us.

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