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JANUARY 26, 2010   

The Future of the Web, with Eric Meyer

Eric Meyer speaks to a large crowd at Cuyahoga Community CollegeThe first in a monthly series of conversations about the web began with Eric Meyer, internationally recognized authority on web design and coding, author and local hero.

This first Web Work / Web Wisdom event brings us full circle to the start of the Geeks & Gurus lecture series when in February of 2003 Eric was our first Geek...er..Guru. We were thrilled to have him back.

Before he got started, though, I had a stressful hour or two of negotiations with the Building Services people, the Dean of Evening/Weekend and assorted others so that we could take over an adjoining lecture room and the 70 or so people who came didn't have to jam into the much smaller original room. In desperation I flagged down a passing maintenance person who carried a walkie-talkie. I told him I needed the dividing wall folded back to expand the room capacity. Once that was done and the seats were being rearranged I went to the dean to get his stamp of approval, which he quickly granted.

Conversation after talkEric's talk went well aside from minor glitches with our quickly thrown-together pair of laptops that we tried to keep synchronized while projecting on two different screens.

Afterwards people hung around for an hour or more talking over new ideas and reconnecting with old friend. This networking time is built in as part of the event itself. So all in all it was a successful night.

I'm guessing, based on the RSVPs that I received earlier, that the crowd was 60% or more industry professionals and 40% Tri-C current or former students. In this picture local web designer/developers trade comments on what Eric had to say. Or maybe on where the closest pizza place was. Whatever. A good time was had by all.

Eric's lecture notes took the form of a list of websites with articles and demos of HTML5 and CSS3.

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