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JANUARY 8, 2010   

Friday night out

Instruments on stage for Gamelan Galak Tika before concert
On this sunny Saturday morning I don't want to spend a lot of time describing Friday night, but it was a good one. We went to the concert I thought was doomed when I couldn't find the tickets, Gamelan Galak Tika. The group combines traditional folk instruments with modern electrified guitars, violin, bass, and synthesizers.

Quick review: I'm not sold on the combination. I prefer the sound of gongs, drums and the xylophone-like percussion instruments to the Western strings. Interesting, but I enjoyed Electric Junkyard Gamelan (another non-traditional group) much more.
Bar at Velvet Tango Room
Afterwards we paid our first-ever visit to a local hidden gem, the Velvet Tango Room. As advertised, the cocktails were delicious. Joanne slurped down two Lady in Reds while I lingered over my Ramos Gin Fizz. I had to drive home, and with the amount of top-shelf booze we watched being poured you want to slow your consumption.

The VTR is famous for making its drinks by hand with fresh, top-quality ingredients. It was great fun to sit at the bar and watch the four bartenders constantly in motion putting these delicious concoctions together. I can attest to the quality and quantity of their mixes.

Quick review: The $15 drinks may not be twice as good as what you get in most places, but as a special treat you should definitely visit the VTR.

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