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FEBRUARY 13, 2010   

The Crying Game, replayed

Scene from movie The Crying GameIt's always a dangerous experiment, but I got a movie via Netflix that I remember as being great when I saw it a long time ago.

The movie: The Crying Game. The long time ago: 1992. The verdict: still great.

The story starts with the kidnapping of a British soldier by the Irish Republican Army. Forest Whittaker as the solider is terrific, as is Stephen Rea playing the IRA "volunteer" who befriends him.

It's a love story that starts with a violent double-cross and ends with a touching epilogue. In between there are several twists and turns that left me speechless the first time I saw it. A week later I saw it again, something I do with a movie maybe once a decade.

Fast-forward to tonight. I was amazed at how much I'd forgotten, and at how well the suspense held up even knowing the major plot twists. The Crying Game would be a good Valentine's Day movie choice for a cynical romantic. It's a love story that swerves wildly off and back on the normal path. It's dark and nasty and strange and sweet at the same time.

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