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DECEMBER 12, 2009   

Hot dogs + pasta

Cooked pasta and hot dogsWhen I saw this recipe on Stacie's White Trash Cooking website, I just knew it would be a hit with the grandkids. By happy coincidence they were spending the night at our house.

As I poked pieces of uncooked pasta through chunks of hot dog I pictured the kids jumping up and down with glee as they slurped down grandpa's new treat.


I couldn't get the younger ones (2-1/2 and 4) to try them, even doused with ketchup. The oldest (12) declared the ketchup "nasty." He rated the noodledogs themselves "not bad", high praise coming from a pre-teen.

Hot dogs with uncooked pastaWell, I love 'em.

Next time I come up with an excuse to serve this delicacy I plan to be more creative with my piercings.



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