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DECEMBER 31, 2009   

Out with the old


I've been getting email reminders that my two remaining credits at iStockphoto.com would expire soon, so I search 100 pages of their "Dollar Bin" to find the background image you see here. Not sure why, but it appealed to me. No more credits to spend.


Seeking the wisdom of Facebook (?) I clicked the link that said "Find Your Top Used Words". Here's what I've been saying in my Status Updates for 2009:

1) thinking - used 15 times
2) after - used 14 times
3) today - used 14 times
4) night - used 13 times
5) than - used 10 times
6) good - used 10 times
7) run - used 9 times
8) getting - used 9 times
9) more - used 9 times
10) tonight - used 8 times

Apparently I do a lot of thinking after today, at night, and it's good. And I run, and am getting more. Tonight.

New Year's Day

Every year we have an open house on January 1st, our one big party of the year. It's time for me to start cooking for tomorrow. Today I'll make a quiche or two plus try a recipe for cinnamon pinwheels. I'll do most of the chopping and sauteing so that tomorrow it will be putting toppings on pizza crusts from Gust Gallucci and baking them.

Plus more quiches.

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