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JANUARY 31, 2010   

Sunday summary (Jan. 25-30)

Looking North over partly frozen Lake Erie, from Edgewater ParkLooking north from Edgewater Park. It was a beautiful afternoon for a walk, about 25 degrees with a brisk wind making it feel colder, fighting the sun trying to warm us. There was a large patch of open blue water today even though the lake is nearly iced over in parts. A beautiful start to a new week.

Last week was a busy one:

Monday, Jan. 25

Writing on whiteboard

Mapping the Design process: looking at the Big Picture in Media Design class.

Tuesday, Jan. 26

Eric Meyer

Eric Meyer, our internationally-respected hometown Web guru, spoke at Tri-C on The Future of the Web (Is Now). Seventy or more web designers, developers and students learned about HTML5 and CSS3.

Wednesday, Jan. 27

Writing on whiteboard

What do employers what? Students in the Portfolio Preparation class scanned dozens of job listings to figure out what employers are looking for when they hire designers.

Thursday, Jan. 28

Guitar man

Austin "Walkin' Cane" played the blues at the Parkview Nite Club. A short video gives a hint of what the night was like.

Friday, Jan. 29

Handwritten note

A question from the audience at Tuesday night's talk:" Will HTML Kill Flash?" Eric Meyer answers (video), and others weigh in on this controversial question. You can too.

Saturday, Jan. 30

George Clooney

Up In The Air is an amusing movie, if you don't mind constant product placements for an airline and hotel chain. Oh, and the acting is pretty good.


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